12 Jan 2014

Students First Pitch

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When long time client Students First requested a pitch for an upcoming project, we obliged with this 18 second test animation.

2 Apr 2013

Here we go!…

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…That’s the tag line every night on the entertainment news show Access Hollywood. The show has recently gone through some changes in format, set and graphics. The new Director has been open to some radical changes and I’ve been able to introduce a bold and vibrant new graphics package this year. In order to stay fresh, we’ve been introducing new elements on a regular basis and the reception has been extremely positive. The color pallet is rich and high in contrast while the typography is taking a staring role. The new set is very modern and it’s been fun integrating the stage graphics with the set architecture. Some exciting new promo graphics are also in the works, so keep a look out.

1 Mar 2012

REAL Acts of Valor!

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If you were blown away by the film “Act of Valor”, which features real U.S. Seals, you’ll love the upcoming reality series Combat Clips (working title) which features actual combat video, shot by real U.S. combat troops. We were proud to create the “call to action” video for the Pilot.

1 Mar 2012

What’s Your Cause?

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Leadership in Action (LIA) asked Realize and Rip Media to promote their upcoming leadership conference with one of our informative videos. They are a sort of, poor-man’s TED conference, for those of us that can’t afford tens of thousands of dollars to participate. If you have some world-changing ideas or just want to hear about some, you should attend.

1 Mar 2012

The “MAN”

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Since last October, Realize has been working on “Corporate” projects in it’s alliance with Rip Media Group. Many of our clients are non-profits, and many others are in the education world, which is close to my heart. Here is the first video that we did for Seattle-based Alliance For Education (AFE). We are currently working on the second video for these wonderful folks.

31 Aug 2011

Goodnight Burbank reaches the broadcast world

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Some very exciting news came today - and news that you can now officially share with your family, friends and fans. Goodnight Burbank is going to TV!!! Yep, the 6 episodes we shot in the garage are heading to cable/satellite channel HDnet. Mark Cuban, the CEO, happened to see GNB the day it debuted on Hulu and asked if he could the series onto his network the very next day.
The show premieres Oct 12, Wednesday at 9pm ET and run for the next 6 weeks (and God knows how many reruns!). They’re also doing a sneak peek of the show on Thurs, Sept 22nd at 1am EST.

10 Aug 2011

Microsoft, Cars, and I

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If you go to the Microsoft website and click on the “Autos_Video” tab, you will be taken to their new online show “Road Raves”. I was asked by the producers to create a graphics package for the show. This included a logo, an open, transitions and lower thirds. This finished product is very informative and interesting to watch.

<a href=';src=v5:embed::' target='_new' title='Automotive Myths'>Video: Automotive Myths</a>

17 Feb 2011

Somethings Fishy!

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I’ve been working on a new graphics package for the Versus network show “City Limits Fishing”. The new season debuted two weeks ago. I hope the ratings skyrocket now! Note that the audio is just a rough scratch track and doesn’t include the music.

2 Feb 2011

Years in the making

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Please take a look at the first promo for the world’s first half-hour comedy series created for the web. The show stars Laura Silverman and was created by Hayden Black, with graphics, animation and set design by Harry Sherman.

20 Jan 2011

New Year, New Projects

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Last year I touted the importance of repeat business and client relations. I will always believe in working closely with clients to surpass their expectations and to keep them coming back for more.

This year is starting out as the year of the NEW client. In order for a business to grow into a new decade, it’s important to cultivate NEW business. I’m proud to have added a show from Comcast’s Versus (VS.) Network, “The Daily Habit” from the Fuel TV Network , and a web show for Microsoft as new clients. Once these projects are complete, I will post them here on my blog. I also worked with my long time client Comedy Central late last year to design a new set for their show Tosh.0.

Premierded last week

Premiered last week

My original design

My original design

I wish everyone success this year and I look forward to working with more new people on exciting new projects.